“Anatomy Of A Wolf” is released worldwide today! 22/6/15

That’s right. Our second album “Anatomy Of A Wolf” is released internationally today. You can download the 10 track album on iTunes, Amazon, Google etc. or purchase the 11 track CD directly from us online. You can even choose to splash out on the limited edition “Wolfpac” box set. If we had made the same amount of the boxsets as we did with our first album, they would have all sold out already. But we made more, so as it stands now, we have just under half left…. We also have some new Wolf T-shirts available in our merch store. Just click the “Buy Stuff” link on the menu. The cover art is by Johnny Bonnel, lead singer of the Swingin’ Utters. The whole album is streaming on our Soundcloud page now!

If you’re still undecided, we gave Uber Rock the exclusive first review of album here. And in return, they got an exclusive interview with JD here and Joey Strange made them a pure fire mixtape right here! JD has been hitting the radio stations pretty hard too with his acoustic guitar and a pocketful of charm. So keep your eyes on our social media platforms for news on those on air appearances.

Our album launch show was a huge success last week. It was a top night with our pals in The Idol Dead and we even streamed the show live. The radio station was thrilled with the numbers too, so that’s something we’ll definitely be doing again. Here’s some photo sets by Steve Fisher and by Free Running Films.

We have lots more gigs coming up and as I’m sure you all know by now, for the second year running, we’re main support on the Misfits Summer “Static Age” UK tour. Check out our tour dates and see you on the road!



Album Pre-Orders are GO!

As of RIGHT NOW, you can pre-order the CD of our new album “Anatomy Of A Wolf” right HERE.

But before you do that, check this out: We did a limited edition “Badger Box” set for our “Recognise” album three years ago and it sold out in 10 days. So, due to popular demand, we bring to you….the “Wolfpac Box”!

FullSizeRender (2)

The Wolfpac Box is strictly limited edition, hand-numbered, signed by all four band members and contains EXCLUSIVE items that will only ever be available in this package:

The “Anatomy Of A Wolf” album on CD.
An “Anatomy Of A Wolf” 4″x4″ embroidered patch.
A 12 track bonus disc featuring unreleased studio tracks, radio sessions, acoustic songs and covers.
Four Panini style football stickers/trading cards of the band.
An 80s style “Black Hearts” rubber wristband.
A genuine used lyric sheet from the studio or a used set list.

Pre-order now and the Wolfpac Box (or indeed just the CD if you prefer) will be shipped to you a week before the official album release date of 22/6/15. You’ll be the first to own it! To pre-order it and check out what the extra items look like, click HERE.

Here’s the track list:

1. This Ship Is Going Down
2. Switchblade Knife
3. Black Hearts
4. Stop, Look And Fuckin’ Listen
5. Fire Door
6. It’s All A Work, Brother (featuring YouthOracle)
7. The Devil
8. Northshore
9. Hoying Bottles At The Moon
10. Anatomy Of A Wolf
11. Strength To Endure (CD only bonus track)


And here’s our new video for “Black Hearts” which is available as a download everywhere now.



Yeah. That’s the only word for it. No ‘news’ update here since we announced the tour with the Misfits last year. A lot has happened since then. But I figure most of you have probably kept up with us via social media, so I’ll keep it short and sweet:

We have a new lead guitarist. No drama with Daz leaving, he’s still part of the FDCs family. Julio Taylor Mellado (formerly of illuminatus) has joined us, the transition has been seamless and he is our brand new Spanish Matt Skiba.

We’ve finished recording our second album which will be out this Summer along with plenty more gigs and fingers crossed, another high profile support tour.

We’ve just released a brand new single which you can purchase digitally everywhere right now and we made a kick ass video for it too. Read all about it here.

The Manchester Acoustic Sessions

We recently drip-fed a hat-trick of videos via our social media pages. At the tail-end of last Summer after a performance at the SOS Festival, JD and Joey Strange recorded three acoustic songs live on a balcony overlooking the fine city of Manchester. The first was a cover of the Joan Jett classic “I Hate Myself For Loving You”, the second was a cover of “Hell” by Canadian twin Heartthrobs Tegan & Sara and finally, a special version of our very own “Burn This City Down”. Here they are for your viewing pleasure…..

As always, we’re playing gigs every month, but not quite as many as last year. The reason being is that we’re making some damn fine progress buckling down at rehearsals and writing for album number two. We have lots of plans afoot….

Welcome to the new website!

So, Posterous was bought by Twitter and then subsequently murdered, destroying our website in the process. So here we are with a new one. Nowt flashy. “Second verse, same as the first….”

So what’s been happening over the last few months? Well, we’ve played lots of quality gigs, started booking and playing acoustic shows and of course released the “From The Shadows EP”. Things are ticking along nicely in FDCland. We’ve got plenty of gigs coming up and we also have firm plans in place for the rest of the year including the 4th and final single to be released from “Recognise”. As is traditional, the single will be released digitally and on CD with exclusive bonus tracks and an accompanying video. Between now and then, we’ll also be releasing some acoustic videos on Youtube. Fear not: You’ll never be short of new forms of entertainment from us.

We’ve sold out of all of our FDC arm-bands. Unfortunately, the girl who makes them for us is now unable to create any more. So if you own one, consider yourself lucky!

I shall leave you with a picture of former WWE Womens Champion Amy “Lita” Dumas wearing one of our “Burn This City Down” shirts on a recent visit to the UK.

Later days, JD.

photo (3)

New Pop Video For “From The Shadows” Out Now!

That’s right, our third pop video with Free Running Films from our debut album “Recognise” is out now. “From The Shadows” features two very special guest stars: Dez Cadena (Black Flag/The Misfits) and Amy Dumas (AKA Former WWE/WWF Womens Champion Lita).

Check out the official press release for the video HERE.

The single is available to download now from all good digital retailers and also on CD as part of the “Recognise” album HERE.

A radio campaign will shortly be underway, so if you’d like a press pack, please contact helen@aandrinc.co.uk

We’re heading out to The Edge Recording Studios in deepest, darkest Cheshire this weekend to record some new songs for inclusion on the “From The Shadows” EP which will be released digitally and physically on April 1st 2013.

We’re always out and about gigging, so come on out and see us!


Album of the year?! Awards?! New video imminent?!

So 2012 is in the books and what a year it was for us FDCs. The “end of year” lists have been made and we’re humbled by the overall feedback and accolades for our debut LP “Recognise”. We’re proud to say that we handled every single aspect of the album from the conception of the songs, to the recording, the mastering, the artwork, the pressing, the promotion and everything else that comes along with the territory. We didn’t go cap-in-hand to anyone, it was a 100% DIY labour of love in every sense of the word. We were pretty much ignored by the mainstream music press (shock! horror!) but the response we received from the underground was phenomenal and it was all capped off with us receiving the only rock and roll award that truly means anything to a band like us…. We won Uber Rock’s “Album Of The Year” beating off stiff competition from the likes of The Hives, Soundgarden, Ginger Wildheart and our buds The Hip Priests. Coming from guys who really know their music and also just happen to run the most popular rock website in the UK, it meant a lot to us. Check it out HERE.

We’ve also been nominated for “Best Band”, “Best Album” and “Best Bassist” in the Pure Rawk Awards. You can vote for us, or indeed anyone else HERE.

After a hectic six months of gigging in the wake of the album release, we’ve just started writing and rehearsing again. If you’re lucky, we may very well slip in a new song or two at one of our next gigs…..

Friday 22nd February at The Sitwell Tavern, Derby (with Captain Horizon)

Saturday 23rd February at The Snooty Fox, Wakefield (with King Nothing)

Sunday 24th February at The Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton (with Greenwood Park)

We’re currently booking more shows for 2013. Want us in your town? Contact Helen Robinson (helen@aandrinc.co.uk

Stay tuned in February for a brand new pop video for “From The Shadows”…..

The “Recognise” tour and media blitz continues!

Alright?! Good! We are too. Thanks for asking. Well, we hadn’t updated the news section since the album was released a couple of months ago, so we felt that it was about time to check back in. Of course, you can follow (and probably/hopefully are already) our daily exploits on Facebook and Twitter for more up to the minute updates. As an addition to those, we now also have a JD & the FDCs smartphone app! Hit the following link whilst on your iPhone/iPad/Blackberry/Nokia 3310 and watch the magic happen: http://www.bandapp.com/jdandthefdcs
(Or alternatively, hit the link whilst on your PC and watch nothing happen).

So, the “Recognise” album eh? Well, except for a crucifixion at the hands of a very well known punk news website, we’ve seen at least twenty other reviews so far that have given our debut LP glowing reports. They’ve all been either 4 or 5 stars or 8’s and 9’s out of 10. (We’ve archived as many as possible in the “Press” section). But most importantly, the feedback that we have had from YOU LOT has been incredible. Seriously, we’ve been overwhelmed. We’ve had some fantastic gigs recently and we love hearing all about everyone’s favourite tracks, which songs you’d like to hear live and which other bands we remind you of. If anybody tells you that the CD format is dead and that people prefer digital downloads these days, then they are dead WRONG. This has easily been the best selling physical album so far in all of our careers and we’re slowly but surely managing to pay off the debts that enabled us to make “Recognise” a reality. And don’t forget, you get eleven tracks on the CD version and only ten songs via download from iTunes or Amazon. Buy the CD right HERE with free shipping within the UK.

But the album is mainly an advertising tool for people to buy a ticket and come on out and see us play live. At least that’s the old school way of thinking anyway! So we’ve been doing lots of press and radio interviews and shouting about it from the rooftops. We’ve had some great gigs recently in Birmingham, Manchester, Leicester, Nottingham, Derby and York and big fun in smaller towns like Whalley (Lancs) and Raunds (Northants). The second annual New Disorder Festival last week was once again a highlight of our year and we’re proud to have played a small part in helping to raise almost £3000 for the RACPA charity.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be taking the “Recognise” tour to Ipswich (with the East Town Pirates), to our first ever London headlining show (with the Dead Identities and Stereo Juggernaut), to Birmingham, Mansfield and Grimsby (all with the legendary Heavy Metal Kids), and to Nottingham, Leicester, Manchester and Liverpool (with Jett Black). All information is on the “Gigs” page.

Speaking of which, we’re really proud to make an announcement which is somewhat of a landmark for a band of any musical genre. On Saturday November 3rd, in association with Emma Scott Presents, we will be headlining the O2 Academy in Birmingham. We’re honoured to be given this responsibility, but we’re going to be needing all hands on deck from Team Honey Badger. If you’ve been meaning to drag all of your friends to an FDCs show in 2012, then THIS is the one to take them to! To headline any one of the Academy venues is a big deal to us and as it’s not even in our hometown, we’re going to be pulling out all the stops for this one and making sure that it’s a very special night! Keep your eyes peeled for more information on tickets etc.

Give thanks, stay positive! JD.

You can download the 10 track “Recognise” album from these places: 

iTunes UK (£7.90) 

iTunes US ($9.90)

Amazon.co.uk (£7.49)

Amazon.com ($8.99)

CD Baby ($9.99)

Recognise is out now! 2/7/12 #recognise

It’s 2/7/12 and “Recognise” is officially released today. Wow. It’s been a Hell of a journey to get here!

The best thing that you can do is to order the 11 track CD directly from us right HERE with free shipping within the UK.


But if you’re a digital dude or dame, then you can download the 10 track album from these places: 

iTunes UK (£7.90) 

iTunes US ($9.90)

Amazon.co.uk (£7.49)

Amazon.com ($8.99)

CD Baby ($9.99)

and probably anywhere else that you can think of too.

The limited edition “Badger Box” box-sets sold out in 10 days. Thankyou to those of you who were lucky enough to secure one of those bad boys. They’re gone now forever!

The two album release shows we had last week were both incredible in their own unique ways. A ridiculous amount of hot, sweaty fun was had. Here’s the photo set from our official live photographer Steve Fisher from the first show at MFN in Notts MFN 27/6/12 and the second gig at The New Inn in Ilkeston New Inn 29/7/12.

Available at newstands now, Danny Gunn has a full page feature in this months “Drummer Magazine” and “Powerplay Magazine” also give “Recognise” a 9/10 review. More reviews are starting to trickle in and this is what Uber Rock had to say about our album today….

More gigs are flying in and the “Recognise” ride officially begins….NOW!