The Pure Rawk Awards 2011

We may not be ready to be slugging it out at the Kerrang Awards with the likes of “Bullet For My Wotsit”, “Funeral For A Wotsit” and “The Lost Wotsits” just quite yet, but we can certainly have a go at winning something at the unsigned/underground version: The Pure Rawk Awards! Voting is now taking place for this years nominations, so if you’d like to head on over to Pure Rawk feel free to vote for us in the “New Band of the Year“, “EP/Single of the Year” categories and of course any others that you see fit. It’s quick and easy and just needs your email address at the end.


Myspace is dead?!

Well if you didn’t know that already, you have to at least agree that it’s been dying on the vine for quite a long time now. So this is where I try to be smart, see into the future and jump the gun somewhat. Most bands these days think that just owning a Myspace page is more than enough web presence. Granted, it is pretty convenient, but a large number of band pages seem to just lie dormant and to be honest, I’m not even sure how many people read or even care about the Blogs section anymore. So with that in mind and also the fact that whoever owns Myspace these days could just decide to pull the plug on the whole operation overnight, leaving millions of artists “homeless”, I’ve decided that moving back to the “dot-coms” is the way forward. I’m jumping right into this with both feet, as I shift not only my band and my business (Shuttle Boy) over to their own websites, but I’ve also launched a site dedicated to archiving my almost twenty year musical career. It’s there that I hope to keep a semi-regular blog going too. So after having a mooch around the brand new FDCs website, feel free to check out the “JD” tab on the menu bar!