End of Tour and Endorsements!

Hey folks, hope everybody is well. Well, our first tour has ended and we had blast with The Erotics. We had so many laughs that my stomach is still hurting and I’m chuckling to myself as I type this news update. The gigs were really good and the merch sales were GREAT! I would however, be a fool if I didn’t address the issues from the final date of the tour on Saturday in Nottingham though. I’m going to try and keep this short:

We arrived at 5pm at The Central in Nottingham and loaded in. While we were waiting to soundcheck, bailiffs arrived and announced that they were seizing everything in the venue. Including OUR equipment set up on stage. The bailiffs wouldn’t listen to reason, so we did what any sane band would do in that situation and quickly got our stuff out of there regardless. An entire army of bailiffs wouldn’t have been able to stop us keeping what was our property anyway. Regardless of the severity of the situation, our first thoughts were of making sure that the gig still happened, but despite our best efforts, two hours later we had to concede defeat. A Saturday night show isn’t the easiest thing to book in Nottingham three months ahead of time, never mind with only an hour to spare. We managed to shepherd the hundred or so members of the audience that didn’t turn around and go home to another bar in Nottingham and The Erotics and ourselves had orselves a glorified “meet and greet” style party until 2am. My apologies once again to those of you who travelled from far and wide to attend the gig. The blame obviously lies square at the door of The Central and its owners/management for not even having the decency to inform us of any potential problems in advance. It goes without saying that we’ll never associate ourselves with The Central, or any other venue that they have anything to do with ever again.

It wasn’t the best of ways to celebrate what had been a really successful and fun two weeks, but that’s life. And there’s certainly never a dull moment in rock n’ roll. We have a few other potential tours in the pipeline, but nothing solid as of yet, so we’re just gonna get back to working on new material and gradually putting the debut album together piece by piece.

On a more positive note, we’ve had some fantastic feedback from our new video and we’ve been thrilled by the response. Please continue to keep spreading it around and “sharing” and that!

And on a super-positive note, we’ve just had it confirmed that our very own Dazmondo has been endorsed by Fret-King Guitars. We all stopped by their offices in Leeds last week and it seems like a match made in heaven. We’ll have more information and pictures to follow as we get them, but for now, here’s Daz in action with his Fret-King axe!


“Never Gonna Stop” Music Video

Here it is, our debut music video and we’ve got to say that we are stoked as to how it has turned out. So, without any further ado, in association with Free Running Films, we are proud to present to you…. JD & the FDCs with “Never Gonna Stop”!