Summer is here and that means that “Season 2” of the FDCs is about to begin!

That’s right people, August 5th 2011 is the one year anniversary of our first ever live show and that marks the beginning of “Season 2” of JD & the FDCs. Or “Round 2”. Or “Year 2”. Or whatever works best for you. What does this mean exactly? Well here we go….

Firstly it means new merch. Our “RUN DMC” inspired shirts were hella cool, but for now it’s time to move on. Our new shirt design pays homage to our favourite creature in the entire world and the self-proclaimed “baddest animal on the planet” the Honey Badger! Don’t know about the Honey Badger? Then watch this Youtube video and then we’ll get back to the story:

Got it? Good. Well here’s our new shirts designed by the one and only Dazmondo!


We have them in all sizes and they’re only £10 post paid. That includes FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. I know, we’re bonkers. We’ve also actually been fully endorsed by THE Honey Badger himself. How cool is that?! Here’s the links so that you can like him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter too. Order the shirt HERE! #teamhoneybadger

The new season also means that our debut record “The FDCCDEP” will be one year old. So that means that we should really put out a brand new EP right?! Yes, that’s right. Even though we’re currently hard at work beavering away on our debut album, we’ll still be finding the time to release a brand new three song EP on September 1st. Just like we did last year! We’ll have more info on this for you next month.

We recently had a little feature spot in “Gear Magazine” which went out as a supplement with lots of music related magazines. This one HERE is from “Guitar Magazine”.

We’ve added some more shows on the GIGS page too. We’ll be making our London debut at Nambucca on Friday 29th July supporting our buddies Shush. Is our capital city ready to Recognise? We hope so…. The Sitwell Tavern in Derby will be hosting our “One Year Anniversay” show on August 5th and we’ll also be co-headlining a huge bill of bands at The Maze in Nottingham with our chums in NG26 on August 7th. We’ll be headlining at MFN on August 10th too and there’ll be a film crew in attendance for that one as we’re currently working on a very special project with Free Running Films, the makers of our “Never Gonna Stop” video. More information on that next month too! We of course have the Swingin’ Utters support slot at the Camden Underworld on September 4th, closely followed by an appearance at the “New Disorder Festival” in Notts on September 17th. Also recently added is our next show on “home turf”. That of course being The New Inn in Ilkeston! We’ve decided to start a tradition of bringing our home crowd only the very finest rock bands to share the stage with us every three months or so. We’ve invited our good friends Obsessive Compulsive down from Manchester to play Ilson on September 30th hot on the heels of their triumphant Download Festival appearance.

That will just about do it for now, so I’ll leave you with this really cool review from Gaz E of our recent trip to South Wales and then I’d like to quickly congratulate Bev Carr from Lancashire on winning #100 of The FDCCDEP in our recent competition in association with Uber Rock.

Recognise! JD.