Recognise is out now! 2/7/12 #recognise

It’s 2/7/12 and “Recognise” is officially released today. Wow. It’s been a Hell of a journey to get here!

The best thing that you can do is to order the 11 track CD directly from us right HERE with free shipping within the UK.


But if you’re a digital dude or dame, then you can download the 10 track album from these places: 

iTunes UK (£7.90) 

iTunes US ($9.90) (£7.49) ($8.99)

CD Baby ($9.99)

and probably anywhere else that you can think of too.

The limited edition “Badger Box” box-sets sold out in 10 days. Thankyou to those of you who were lucky enough to secure one of those bad boys. They’re gone now forever!

The two album release shows we had last week were both incredible in their own unique ways. A ridiculous amount of hot, sweaty fun was had. Here’s the photo set from our official live photographer Steve Fisher from the first show at MFN in Notts MFN 27/6/12 and the second gig at The New Inn in Ilkeston New Inn 29/7/12.

Available at newstands now, Danny Gunn has a full page feature in this months “Drummer Magazine” and “Powerplay Magazine” also give “Recognise” a 9/10 review. More reviews are starting to trickle in and this is what Uber Rock had to say about our album today….

More gigs are flying in and the “Recognise” ride officially begins….NOW!



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