Welcome to the new website!

So, Posterous was bought by Twitter and then subsequently murdered, destroying our website in the process. So here we are with a new one. Nowt flashy. “Second verse, same as the first….”

So what’s been happening over the last few months? Well, we’ve played lots of quality gigs, started booking and playing acoustic shows and of course released the “From The Shadows EP”. Things are ticking along nicely in FDCland. We’ve got plenty of gigs coming up and we also have firm plans in place for the rest of the year including the 4th and final single to be released from “Recognise”. As is traditional, the single will be released digitally and on CD with exclusive bonus tracks and an accompanying video. Between now and then, we’ll also be releasing some acoustic videos on Youtube. Fear not: You’ll never be short of new forms of entertainment from us.

We’ve sold out of all of our FDC arm-bands. Unfortunately, the girl who makes them for us is now unable to create any more. So if you own one, consider yourself lucky!

I shall leave you with a picture of former WWE Womens Champion Amy “Lita” Dumas wearing one of our “Burn This City Down” shirts on a recent visit to the UK.

Later days, JD.

photo (3)


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