Upcoming Rock Shows:

24/9/16: MFN, Notts (with The Idol Dead & Captain Horizon)

19/11/16: Woolpack, Doncaster (with Spunk Volcano)

25/11/16: The Hairy Dog, Derby (with Spunk Volcano)

26/11/16: Imperial Club, Mexborough (with The Idol Dead)

16/12/16: Horseshoe Inn, Northampton (with The Vibrators)

17/12/16: The Steamboat, Ipswich (with East Town Pirates)



Previous Rock Shows:

5/8/10: The Central, Nottingham (with Radio Dead Ones)

25/9/10: Trashstock Festival, Nottingham (with Acey Slade & the Dark Party)

11/12/10: The Chameleon, Nottingham (with The Charm Offensive)

11/2/11: The New Inn, Ilkeston (with The Erotics)

16/2/11: The Hyem, Newcastle (with The Erotics)

17/2/11: Stereo, York (with The Erotics)

18/2/11: Yardbirds, Grimsby (with The Erotics)

19/2/11: The Central, Nottingham (with The Erotics)

17/3/11: The Wetmore Whistle, Burton-Upon-Trent

15/4/11: The New Inn, Ilkeston (with Crazy Diamond)

21/5/11: The New Inn, Ilkeston (with Shush)

3/6/11: Rhondda Hotel, Porth, South Wales (with Trigger McPoopshute)

4/6/11: The Chameleon, Nottingham (with Dick Venom & the Terrortones)

29/6/11: Nambucca, London (with Shush)

5/8/11: The Sitwell Tavern, Derby

7/8/11: The Maze, Nottingham (with Wrathchild)

10/8/11: MFN, Notts

4/9/11: Camden Underworld, London (with Swingin’ Utters)

17/9/11: New Disorder Festival, Notts (with Evil Scarecrow)

30/9/11: The New Inn, Ilkeston (with Obsessive Compulsive)

15/9/11: Club Alter Ego, Manchester (with Obsessive Compulsive)

27/10/11: The Maze, Nottingham (with Eureka Machines)

4/11/11: The Steamboat, Ipswich (with The East Town Pirates)

18/11/11: Rock City, Nottingham (with The Virgin Marys)

4/12/11: The End, Birmingham (with Voodoo Johnson)

9/12/11: Gasworks, Bradford (with New Generation Superstars)

10/12/11: Legends, Newcastle (with New Generation Superstars)

14/1/12: The Maze, Nottingham (with Widows)

27/1/12: The Sitwell Tavern, Derby (with Hot Money)

28/1/12: Clwb Y Bont, Pontypridd (with Trigger McPoopshute)

3/2/12: New Inn, Ilkeston (with East Town Pirates)

24/2/12: Wagon & Horses, Birmingham (with The Hip Priests)

25/2/12: Navigation Inn, Nottingham (with The Hip Priests)

20/4/12: The Asylum, Birmingham (with David R.Black)

28/4/12: The Corporation, Sheffield (with David R.Black)

6/5/12: The Maze, Nottingham (with The Erotics, Wrathchild)

18/5/12: The Labour Club, Heanor (with NG26)

26/5/12: The Ducie Bridge, Manchester (with The Loaded Dice)

2/6/12: Sanctuary Rock Bar, Burnley (with Alexines)

3/6/12: Whalley Live Music Festival, Lancashire

22/6/12: The Witchwood, Ashton-Under-Lyme

23/6/12: Waterfront Festival, The Canalhouse, Nottingham

27/6/12: MFN, Notts (ALBUM RELEASE SHOW #1)

29/6/12: The New Inn, Ilkeston (ALBUM RELEASE SHOW #2)

14/7/12: 02 Academy, Birmingham (with The Whiskey Syndicate)

28/7/12: The Whalley Arms, Whalley, Lancs.

28/7/12: The Ducie Bridge, Manchester (with The Loaded Dice)

30/7/12: The Shed, Leicester (with Grey Goes Down)

4/8/12: The Red Lion, Raunds, Northampton (with Lost Audio)

7/8/12: The Rescue Rooms, Nottingham (with Wraith)

31/8/12: The Sitwell Tavern, Derby (with The Loaded Dice)

8/9/12: New Disorder Music Festival, MFN, Notts (with Evil Scarecrow)

14/9/12: Stereo, York (with Laika Dog)

22/9/12: The Steamboat, Ipswich (with East Town Pirates)

23/9/12: Nambucca, London (with Dead Identities)

25/9/12: The Roadhouse, Birmingham (with Heavy Metal Kids)

26/9/12: The Diamond, Mansfield (with Heavy Metal Kids)

27/9/12: Yardbirds, Grimsby (with Heavy Metal Kids)

11/10/12: Pit & Pendulum, Nottingham (with The Spangle Corps)

13/10/12: The Shed, Leicester (with Headwires)

14/10/12: Childline Rocks, Ricoh Arena, Coventry (with Slam Cartel)

20/10/12: The Factory, Manchester (with The Supersonics)

28/10/12: The 100 Club, London (with Valverider)

3/11/12: The O2 Academy, Birmingham (with East Town Pirates)

8/12/12: The Red Lion, Raunds, Northants (with Lost Audio)

21/12/12: The New Inn, Ilkeston (with Dick Venom & the Terrortones)

22/2/13: The Sitwell Tavern, Derby (with Captain Horizon)

23/2/13: Fox Fest, Wakefield (with The More I See)

24/2/13: The Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton (with Greenwood Park)

2/3/13: The Rescue Rooms, Nottingham (with Poizon)

29/3/13: The Globe, Raunds, Northants (with Ricky Audio)

30/3/13: The Athletics Club, Rushden, Northants (with Lost Audio)

26/4/13: Kingswineford Rugby Club, Dudley

5/5/13: The Maze, Nottingham (with Obsessive Compulsive)

1/6/13: The Globe, Raunds, Northants (ACOUSTIC)

6/7/13: Slugfest 666, Abertillery, Wales (ACOUSTIC)

10/7/13: MFN, Notts

19/7/13: The New Inn, Ilkeston (with The More I See)

20/7/13: SOS Festival, Manchester (ACOUSTIC)

25/7/13: The Greyhound, Beeston (with Dip)

26/7/13: Rock and Blues Festival, Derbyshire (with The Quireboys)

27/7/13: The Spread Eagle, Ipswich (with East Town Pirates)

2/7/13: The Salutation, Nottingham (with Kitty Hudson)

7/7/13: The Rescue Rooms, Nottingham (with Jett Black)

26/9/13: Tap and Tumbler, Nottingham (with East Town Pirates)

27/9/13: The Sitwell Tavern, Derby (with East Town Pirates)

28/9/13: The Red Lion, Raunds, Northants (with East Town Pirates)

29/9/13: Star and Garter, Manchester (with East Town Pirates)

5/10/13: The Park Hotel, Colwyn Bay, Wales

11/10/13: The New Inn, Ilkeston (ACOUSTIC) (with Eva Plays Dead)

25/10/13: The Sitwell Tavern, Derby (ACOUSTIC) (with Eva Plays Dead)

15/11/13: The Dolls House, Abertillery, South Wales

23/11/13: The O2 Academy, Birmingham

13/12/13: The New Inn, Ilkeston

14/12/13: The Red Lion, Raunds, Northants (with The Vibrators)

18/1/14: The Maze (with Exit State)

21/2/14: The Bridge Inn, Rotherham (with Spunk Volcano & the Eruptions)

27/2/14: Tap n Tumbler, Nottingham (with The Idol Dead)

15/3/14: The Regal, Worksop (with Bad Sign)

12/4/14: The Spreadeagle, Ipswich (with East Town Pirates)

26/4/14: The Zombie Hut, Corby (with Dirt Box Disco)

27/4/14: Star & Garter, Manchester (with Dirt Box Disco)

4/5/14: NLC Festival, Nottingham

31/5/14: Rock Haven, Lincoln

11/6/14: MFN, Nottinghamshire

23/6/14: Concorde 2, Brighton (with the Misfits)

24/6/14: Sub 89, Reading (with the Misfits)

25/6/14: The Assembly, Leamington Spa (with the Misfits)

26/6/14: The Live Rooms, Chester (with the Misfits)

27/6/14: Brudenell Social Club, Leeds (with the Misfits)

28/6/14: Garage Music Venue, Swansea (with the Misfits)

24/7/14: Rock and Blues Festival, Derbyshire

2/8/14: Yorkshire Pudding Rally, York

13/9/14: Uberpalooza! Abertillery, Wales

18/12/14: Tap n Tumbler, Nottingham

19/12/14: Cross Keys, Stoke

20/12/14: Snooks, Northants (with The Vibrators)

30/12/14: Adam & Eve, Birmingham (with Dirt Box Disco)

31/1/15: Corporation, Sheffield (JD solo) (with Silverjet)

5/4/15: The Maze, Nottingham (with Vice Squad)

2/5/15: North vs. South Paintball Festival, Staffordshire

22/5/15: The O2 Academy, Birmingham (with Captain Horizon)

23/5/15: The Zombie Hut, Corby (with The Vibrators)

18/6/15: Tap n Tumbler, Nottingham (ALBUM RELEASE SHOW with The Idol Dead)

26/6/15: The Gallows, Ilkeston (with Captain Horizon)

3/7/15: Rewind, Wrexham

8/7/15: MFN, Notts

1/8/15: The O2 Academy Islington, London (with The Misfits)

2/8/15: Club Academy, Manchester (with The Misfits)

3/8/15: QMU, Glasgow (with The Misfits)

4/8/15: Motion, Bristol (with The Misfits)

5/8/15: Engine Rooms, Southampton (with The Misfits)

15/8/15: The Hairy Dog, Derby (ACOUSTIC)

19/11/15: The Maze, Nottingham (ACOUSTIC)

22/4/16: Horseshoe Inn, Northampton (ACOUSTIC)


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