“Recognise” Available to Pre-Order Now!

That’s right tough guy! Not only can you get your filthy paws on a copy of our debut album before anybody else does, but we’ve also lovingly put together a very special limited edition box-set that we’re calling the “Badger-Box”. Looks nice eh?


Typically, our good friends over at Uber Rock have announced the news officially for us HERE.

Too lazy to hit a link and find out the track listing and full list of guest stars for the first time? OK then. Well, what’s more, there have only been 50 of these beauties made. Each box is full colour, hand-numbered and contains EXCLUSIVE items that will only ever be available in this package:

A copy of the “Recognise” CD 
A “Recognise” elasticated arm-band 
A “Live in Porth” fully mastered 11 track CD 
A genuine used lyric sheet from the studio/rehearsals 
A Hipstamatic print from the making of “Recognise”

Pre-order now and the Badger-Box will be shipped to you a week before the official album release date of 2/7/12. You’ll be among the first to own it!

Please note that the arm-bands will NEVER be reproduced again and the live album will NEVER be released outside of these 50 box-sets. Each lyric sheet will be different, as will each of the Hipstamatic prints.

EDIT:**Almost half of the box-sets have already been snapped up since going live this morning, so if you want one of these, please act quickly. Hit the FDCs Merch Store now!**

Naturally, loads more gigs have been added and we’re almost ready for our two album release shows coming up. Both are FREE ENTRY too!

#1 Wednesday 27th June at MFN in Shipley Gate, Nottinghamshire
#2 Friday 29th June at The New Inn in Ilkeston, Derbyshire



Album Artwork! Howie Weinberg! Release Shows! New Shirts!

Hey, what’s up? Want to see the cover art for our debut album designed by our very own Dazmondo? Of course you do!


The official release date is set for 2/7/12. But our faithful “local” fans will have the chance to buy the album at not one, but TWO special record release shows the week before…. We’ll be performing two sets at MFN in Notts on Wednesday 27th June. The first set will see us perform the album in it’s entirety and the second set will be a mix of our own songs and covers and also feature some special guest appearances. The second of the two shows will be on Friday 29th June on our “home-turf” of The New Inn in Ilkeston. We’ll once again perform the album in track order and throw in a few surprises too. Support for the 29th June gig comes from our Leeds friends Beretta Suicide.

Our album is currently being mastered in LA by the very best in the business: Howie Weinberg. Howie has mastered such classic albums as “Nevermind” by Nirvana, “Nation Of Millions” by Public Enemy, “Hysteria” by Def Leppard, “Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik” by RHCP, “Out Come The Wolves” by Rancid and hundreds more. We are truly honoured to have his name attached to our album. Check out this short video and educate yourself on this great man!

Finally, we have some killer new “Burn This City Down” shirts available. Pick up yours right here!


Loads more gigs have been added and there are big things poppin’. Let’s go! JD.

The “Burn This City Down” video is here!

That’s right, our second pop video is here. Brought to you once again by Free Running Films, it was premiered on Monday by the good folks at Uber Rock. Check the inside scoop on the video here.

The “Burn This City Down” red vinyl split 7″ single (with Acey Slade and the Dark Party) was also released this week and you can order your copy right here.

The album is finished and will soon be winging itself to LA to be mastered. Plenty of gigs have been added too, so strap yourself in, because trust us: The ride is just beginning….


Return of the Living Gunn

Shocking. It’s been three months since our last website update. That’s rubbish and I apologise. (Actually, the gigs and press pages get updated regularly, but my apology still stands.) So, what’s been going on? Lots of course! I’ll start from the beginning of the year shall I?

Firstly, to answer a recurring question. Yes, Danny Gunn is back behind the drumkit full time and we couldn’t be happier. We had a mutual “parting of the ways” back in September of last year, with the door always open for him to return if his circumstances changed and although we carried on full steam ahead without him, it was just never quite the same…. We gigged with, auditioned and had a few meetings with various drummers, but STILL nothing felt quite right. Danny stood in for us at our first gig of 2012, and immediately afterwards it was 100% clear that he was and is the only man for this job. Thankfully, he agreed too and a short discussion later, he was back where he belongs! His only condition, was that I, Jamie Delerict, apologise to him in public at our next show. So I swallowed my pride, tucked my tail between my legs and did just that. Unfortunately for me, somebody filmed it….

So far this year we’ve played some great gigs in Nottingham, Derby, Pontypridd (Special thanks to Nick Barrie for being a TREMENDOUS Danny Gunn substitute!), Ilkeston and Birmingham, but the main priority for us has been finishing the debut album. Slowly but surely, we’re getting there and in fact we’re almost done! The mixing process has already begun, so we’re still on target for a June release date.

We also spent a weekend in February shooting a new video for “Burn This City Down”. (Cutting short my run on the Misfits European Tour and leaving early!) If you enjoyed the “Never Gonna Stop” promo, you’re going to love this one too. We decided that we wanted more of the same, only BIGGER! Naturally, we recruited Free Running Films again, but instead of just the band and a “Hot Russian Spy”, we had a 30 strong cast appear with us FDCs. Each cast member was hand-picked for their part because we really wanted to say “thankyou” to some friends and fans who have supported the band over the last 18 months. What transpired was a hybrid of Scorsese gangster films, Film Noir and….The Jerky Boys! Expect the video out in mid-April.

Speaking of “Burn This City Down”, we’re very pleased to announce that to celebrate Record Store Day on April 21st, we’ll be releasing our first ever slab of vinyl. It’s going to be a split 7″ with Acey Slade & the Dark Party and will be a co-release between Delerict Records and TrashPit. It will be a super-limited edition of only 500 pieces pressed onto red vinyl and once they’re gone, they’re gone. NEVER to be repressed. The record will be available for pre-order at midnight on the 1st April, so check back then! JD.


“Behind The Schtick” is released!

“Behind The Schtick”, our rockumentary documenting the first year of the FDCs is now available for your viewing pleasure on Youtube! Here’s what I had to say to Uber Rock when asked about our documentary:

“Much like when I wanted to capture the magic of a new band when we recorded our debut EP after only three rehearsals in late 2010, I wanted to do the same again, but this time in a visual format documenting the first full year of our existence. So what you get is the answers to all of the obvious questions (yes, viewer discretion is advised), a look inside our twisted minds, information on our upcoming debut album, lots of honesty and of course some cracking tunes. Yes, rock and roll is a serious business, but who says you can’t have a right laugh along the way?”

Directed and edited by Felix Rullhusen of Free Running Films, the short film features candid interviews, live performances, studio footage and plenty of ridiculous schtick.

Here it is. Enjoy!

In other news, we’re going to be holding auditions in the first week of January 2012 to find a new permanent drummer. Send bio, info and Youtube clips to delerict@hotmail.com and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Our first show of 2012 on January 14th will feature a very special guest behind the kit. Thanks to everybody who has supported us in any way in 2011, it’s been a fantastic year.

Cheers n’ that, Christmas n’ that! JD.




“And Now I’ve Seen Behind The Scenes….”

Shit. Nearly three months since our last news update. What’s been going on you say? Well we’ve played lots of fantastic gigs with the likes of the Swingin’ Utters, Obsessive Compulsive, Eureka Machines, Evil Scarecrow and the East Town Pirates. I (JD) have been appearing on radio stations all over the country sometimes staying live on air for almost an hour instead of the scheduled 15 minutes (Ipswich), occasionally doing solo acoustic sessions (Manchester) but always flapping my gums about something or other and spreading the good word of the FDCs. We made our debut in the hallowed halls of Rock City Nottingham last week supporting the Virgin Marys, we’ve got Birmingham, Bradford and Newcastle gigs coming up before the end of the year and we’ve already added some shows to our 2012 gig calendar with plenty more in the pipeline too. Mint!

We’ve sold a quite frankly STUNNING amount of copies of our new “Burn This City Down” EP. It ain’t boastin’, just truthin’. It’s blown us away. Every penny that comes in from our CD and digital sales goes straight back into the pot and helps us on our way to finishing the debut album. If for whatever reason, you’re still on the fence about whether to buy it or not, the reviews have been extremely positive and you can check them out in our PRESS section. We’ll be starting work on a new promo video for BTCD in January. By the start of the new year, our rockumentary/short film “Behind The Schtick” should be out too.

If you’d like to vote for us in the Pure Rawk Awards this year, we’d appreciate it. It’s the only thing that we ever ask you to vote in because it’s dedicated to giving the underground scene a bit of well deserved exposure. We almost won “Best EP” last year for the FDCCDEP and we’d love to win either “Best Video” or “Best EP” this year, but feel free to vote for us or anyone else in whatever category you like. Vote here!

The most important bit of news though, (from my point of view!) comes behind the scenes. We’ve taken on Helen Robinson of A & R Inc. as our co-manager. I’m still calling the shots baby, but it’s awesome to have someone else on board who shares the same vision as us and believes in our potential. So from now on she’ll be handling all booking and press enquiries and thus hopefully freeing myself up to spend a little bit more time on the creative side of things like oooh I don’t know, the music and whatnot. Welcome aboard Helen!

For daily/weekly updates, “like” us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. Or just keep checking that little Twitter feed over there to the right.

Peace! JD.

PS. I heard a great quote today: “Don’t take yourself so seriously. No one else does.” And on that note, here’s a picture of us at Rock City last week after fucking with each others mic stands during the last song. Thanks to Kylie Buchanan for the pic.



Our new EP “Burn This City Down” is here. Order it now!

That’s right. We’ve been getting (honey) badgered at shows recently by people demanding new music from us. We’ve tried to explain that we’ve been working hard on our album all year long and that it won’t see the light of day until mid-2012 but….You spoke and we listened. Our new 3 track EP is now awaiting your consumption. Here’s the blurb and track by track breakdown:

Lead track “Burn This City Down” will appear on the forthcoming debut album and sets the tone for the next stage of evolution for JD & the FDCs. Heavily calling upon punk rock influences such as Anti-Flag, Rancid and D Generation, this song has been described by many as “an anthem”. We certainly won’t argue with that….

“Stupid Music Played By Idiots” is exclusive to this EP and is a song originally recorded (almost a decade ago) by JD’s old punk band PANIC. Two of the FDCs actually grew up listening to this song and with updated lyrics and fresh musical take on it, the tune has become somewhat of a live favourite amongst our fans.

Final track “We Close Our Eyes” is also exclusive to this EP. Yes, it’s a Go West cover and it is performed with maximum respect to the original song from 1985. In fact, it was JD’s first ever 7″ single! We think that this cover proves that the the FDCs are unafraid to roll the dice and take chances….

Much like The FDCCDEP, the new EP will only cost you £3 and that includes FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. So click HERE and fire up your Paypal accounts!


Track 1 was recorded and mixed by Jason Sanderson in Barnsley and is taken from the forthcoming album “Recognise”.
Tracks 2 & 3 were recorded and mixed by Mark Elmore at The Crash Factory in Nottingham old school style: TO TAPE!
All tracks mastered by Jason Sanderson in the Summer of 2011.



Don’t Sweat The Technique

Ola amigos! OK, here we go with this months moving and shaking at FDCHQ. We had a run of local gigs at the start of the month which got better and better as they progressed. By the end of the run, I was filled with a strange sense of pride and accomplishment as it certainly appeared and felt like we had finally made our mark on the area after a year of hard work. I felt the love in that room at MFN and after speaking to almost everyone in attendance that night, I realised that as well as the friends and fans who followed our previous bands before the FDCs, we also have a fresh bunch of faces who are becoming familiar fixtures at our shows. It’s a great feeling to have and I can’t thank you all enough for your support. Ok, hippy shit over with. Let’s move on!

Next order of business: It is with a heavy heart that I announce that Danny Gunn has left the band. This may come as a shock to a lot of people, but internally, all four of us have been preparing for this moment for at least the last six months or so. As business picked up for the FDCs and more and more opportunities started presenting themselves to us, Dan quickly realised that he was struggling to balance his other commitments with ours. We all tried different plans of attack in an attempt to work in conjunction with his other obligations, but unfortunately nothing seemed to work out. (As a sidenote, I fully appreciate how hard it is to balance two active bands at the same time. Eventually, one group always loses out!) So rather than continuing to put our future plans and gigs in jeopardy, we all agreed to proceed without him. I must emphasise that this is not what Dan, myself or Joey and Daz WANTED to happen, but unfortunately it’s a necessary step to ensure that the FDCs continue to evolve and grow. Dan will always be a proud card carrying/arm-band wearing member of the FDCs. Hell, we’ve already discussed a cameo for him in our next music video! His talent and input has been massively appreciated by us and most importantly, (and needless to say) we of course will all remain great friends. WWWYKI.
That being said, as anyone who follows us on Twitter, Facebook or even god forbid in real life knows, we NEVER stop working on this band and pushing forward. So without further ado, we’d like to announce and indeed welcome our brand new drummer: Michael Richards. Click on his website. He’s kind of a big deal! His first gig is at the Camden Underworld in 11 days. No pressure mate!

We’ve still been hard at work in Barnsley with Jason Sanderson building the “Recognise” album brick by brick. It’s sounding great and we actually have the first of our “guest stars” coming in tomorrow to lay down some vocals. She’s a very talented lady called Carol Hodge who has most recently been seen touring the US, Australia and NZ with Steve Ignorant on his final ever Crass tour. We’ve been friends for many years and I’m so glad that I can finally involve her in one of my musical endeavours. There are many more cameos to come on the album and although everybody I’ve asked to appear so far has wholeheartedly agreed, there are many other issues to consider such as schedule conflicts and management that could scupper my well laid plans. So please forgive me if I remain somewhat mysterious about these guests in the coming months. Until it’s a done deal and in the can, I’m only going to look like a total dick if I announce something that doesn’t end up happening!

We’ve just finished our new three song EP and I’ll be mastering it tomorrow. I heard the mixes yesterday and I’m thrilled. The lead track is “Burn This City Down” which will also be appearing on the forthcoming LP and we’ve incredibly somehow managed to keep the other two tracks secret, so hopefully there’ll be a lot of raised eyebrows upon it’s release! Believe me when I say that the tracks are FAR from being a couple of “B-sides that weren’t good enough to make the album”. We recorded the two tracks at The Crash Factory in Nottingham with Mark Elmore old school style: To tape! That essentially means that most if not all of the recordings were done in one take. And no computers were involved in the making of those two tracks! The pressure was definitely on, but it was also quite liberating to work under conditions like that again. The CDEP will be available for purchase on our website on September 1st. We’ll also be selling them at our shows starting with the Swingin’ Utters gig at the Camden Underworld in London on September 4th and it will be available on iTunes, Amazon etc on October 1st.

Always attempting to think outside the box, we’ve been steadily working on a short film/rockumentary project with the makers of our “Never Gonna Stop” video Free Running Films. Currently titled “Behind The Schtick”, we had a crew follow us around at our recent Nottingham and MFN shows, filming both live footage and backstage stuff. Last week, myself, Joey Strange and the film crew paid a visit to “Wayne Manor” on the set of the new Batman film to shoot some additional interview footage. The editing process has already begun and quite honestly, it’s a mystery as to how it’s going to turn out at this stage, but the idea is to not only document our first year as a band, but to give a little bit of background, history and insight into who we are as people too. It’ll be hitting Youtube in October and yes, we’ll keep you posted!

I was lucky enough to pay a visit to Gordon Smith Guitars recently to pick up my first ever custom guitar. It was an honour and a priviledge to meet Mr. and Mrs. Smith and to have a tour of the factory. I’d been using the same Gordon Smith guitar for about 10 years and at the risk of sounding like a shill, I honestly can’t imagine ever playing anything else. My eternal thanks go out to John and Linda and trust me, I WILL be popping in for a cup of tea next time I’m in the area! Here’s a pic of John Smith and myself at the factory. Taken by Linda.


Finally, after selling out of our first run of Honey Badger shirts very quickly, we’ve just had some more printed up and this time we’ve included some girls sizes too. You asked for it ladies and we delivered! Also, head to the gigs section to see when we’re rocking your area next. Outta here! JD.

PS. I was given some fantastic advice recently…..

Summer is here and that means that “Season 2” of the FDCs is about to begin!

That’s right people, August 5th 2011 is the one year anniversary of our first ever live show and that marks the beginning of “Season 2” of JD & the FDCs. Or “Round 2”. Or “Year 2”. Or whatever works best for you. What does this mean exactly? Well here we go….

Firstly it means new merch. Our “RUN DMC” inspired shirts were hella cool, but for now it’s time to move on. Our new shirt design pays homage to our favourite creature in the entire world and the self-proclaimed “baddest animal on the planet” the Honey Badger! Don’t know about the Honey Badger? Then watch this Youtube video and then we’ll get back to the story:

Got it? Good. Well here’s our new shirts designed by the one and only Dazmondo!


We have them in all sizes and they’re only £10 post paid. That includes FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. I know, we’re bonkers. We’ve also actually been fully endorsed by THE Honey Badger himself. How cool is that?! Here’s the links so that you can like him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter too. Order the shirt HERE! #teamhoneybadger

The new season also means that our debut record “The FDCCDEP” will be one year old. So that means that we should really put out a brand new EP right?! Yes, that’s right. Even though we’re currently hard at work beavering away on our debut album, we’ll still be finding the time to release a brand new three song EP on September 1st. Just like we did last year! We’ll have more info on this for you next month.

We recently had a little feature spot in “Gear Magazine” which went out as a supplement with lots of music related magazines. This one HERE is from “Guitar Magazine”.

We’ve added some more shows on the GIGS page too. We’ll be making our London debut at Nambucca on Friday 29th July supporting our buddies Shush. Is our capital city ready to Recognise? We hope so…. The Sitwell Tavern in Derby will be hosting our “One Year Anniversay” show on August 5th and we’ll also be co-headlining a huge bill of bands at The Maze in Nottingham with our chums in NG26 on August 7th. We’ll be headlining at MFN on August 10th too and there’ll be a film crew in attendance for that one as we’re currently working on a very special project with Free Running Films, the makers of our “Never Gonna Stop” video. More information on that next month too! We of course have the Swingin’ Utters support slot at the Camden Underworld on September 4th, closely followed by an appearance at the “New Disorder Festival” in Notts on September 17th. Also recently added is our next show on “home turf”. That of course being The New Inn in Ilkeston! We’ve decided to start a tradition of bringing our home crowd only the very finest rock bands to share the stage with us every three months or so. We’ve invited our good friends Obsessive Compulsive down from Manchester to play Ilson on September 30th hot on the heels of their triumphant Download Festival appearance.

That will just about do it for now, so I’ll leave you with this really cool review from Gaz E of our recent trip to South Wales and then I’d like to quickly congratulate Bev Carr from Lancashire on winning #100 of The FDCCDEP in our recent competition in association with Uber Rock.

Recognise! JD.